trophy guy, san francisco (stolen image)

(not so secret) garden vibes (at the secret garden)

a collaborative work w @zioziegler // thank YOU for the kindness && inspiration. till next time! (at Urban Outfitters)

Afternoon walks in The Mission

On Saturday, September 14th, 2013, Adele and I sat in the backyard and typed on Sally.

“The voice didn’t sound like mine. Nor had I been intending to say any such thing. The words had come out of nowhere, without reference to my will. The voice was definitely mine, though.”
Haruki Murakami,Β The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
“If she could only find the right outlet, heated thoughts and ideas would gush out like lava, congealing into a steady stream of inventive works the likes of which the world had never seen. People’s eyes would pop wide open at the sudden debut of this Promising Young Writer with a Rare Talent.”
Haruki Murakami,Β Sputnik Sweetheart